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Makemeclear Features

Presenting dental treatment can be difficult for many dentist who don´t feel comfortable talking about money or feel they are looked like sales people rather than doctors. MakeMeClear was developed to make dentists lives easier by saving time, impressing patients and making sure nothing is forgotten when presenting treatment plans. It will free your mind for what is important.
Complete diagnose and planning
Diagnose all patient conditions in seconds.
Create plans that automatically explain themselves.
Personalized documents and image templates
Add documents to your final report, or easily add photos, x-rays or any other images to show value to your patients.
Customize and send report
Generate the final report, personalize it adding your clinic logo and information and send to your patient.
The Problems
  • It is difficult to describe complex dental treatments.
  • Current software can´t provide customizable and good looking documents for treatment planning.
  • Creating a personalized plan can be time consuming.
  • Dentists are afraid to talk about high value procedures.
  • There is discomfort in Dentists for being looked as sales people instead of doctors.
The Solution
  • Makemeclear Includes simple, automatic and 100% editable explanations for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Professional, stylish and clean design to support your image as an expert.
  • Produce impressive, high quality documents in minutes.
  • Patients see value in what they understand and presenting complex treatment is no longer stressful.
  • Enjoy being the recognized expert.
The solution Makemeclear
With Makemeclear you can be the expert,
not the salesman
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