Frequently Asked Questions

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What does MakeMeClear do?
It is a software that allows dentists and/or treatment coordinators to create pdf documents of dental treatment plans to show patients. The documents are easy to create, provide an elegant and professional look. They include automatic descriptions of diagnose and plan items and are highly customisable.
What will dentists and dental teams benefit from using MakeMeClear?
Your treatment plan documents will:
  • increase case acceptance up to 35% according to ours survey
  • be easy to create
  • provide a high impact on your patients
  • stand out from other common documents given to patients
  • include may important information that you can add or create yourself (informed consents, practice policies, payment options and any other image like x-rays and photos)
Check this short video explaining benefits for dentists
How will patients benefit from receiving a treatment plan created with MakeMeClear?
Patients will have a very clear and written document about their existing conditions and treatments suggested. They will see your professional level and commitment to providing clear and accurate inforamations. So the chances of accepting your treatment plan will obviously increase.
Check this short video explaining benefits for patients
Can I access MakeMeClear everywhere?
Yes, it is online. With any browser you can access it from anywhere. Desktop, laptop or tablet work fine. But a desktop or laptop is recommended.
Can MakeMeClear integrate with my existing management software?
MakeMeClear is a software to create documents to improve patient communication through treatment plans documents that increase case acceptance providing transparency, elegance and a professional image. It is not a management software and it does not integrate with it. It is a complement to your management software.
Does MakeMeClear use sensitive patient data protection?
Yes, MakeMeClear is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant, that regulates user data in Europe. GDPR compliance assures all data protection (health and non-health related data) from users (dentists and dental office staff) and patients. This is a regulation that offers even broader protection than HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) that is the standard use for health data protection in the United States. You can check our privacy policy here
I own a practice where several associates work. How many accounts will I need?
Usually only one account is needed. Each account is associated with one location. The address of that location will appear in the document. The account has a single user email and password. On the account you will set your logo, address and contacts. Then any dentist in your practice will be able to access it through your account. Any dentist using your account details will be able to create patients and treatment plans from anywhere. They can specify, on the patient plan title, the responsible dentist for the treatments. In case several dentists participate in the plan, they can write on the observations of each treatment item, which dentist will do which procedure. In case you need several accounts, for several different locations please contact us for discounts.
I am a dentist working on several practices. How many accounts will I need?
Usually only one account is needed. The account has a single user email and password. On the account you will set your logo, address and contacts. So if you work in several practices you would need to change the logo, address and contacts each time you use it for a different practice. If you believe this is too much work and you need several accounts please contact us for discounts.
We are a corporate brand with several practice locations. How many accounts will we need?
If you want to show the address of each location on the plan document you will need as many accounts as practice locations. If you don't need to show the specific practice address, then you will only need one account that all staff of the entire corporate brand have access.
Who created MakeMeClear?
Jorge André Cardoso is the creator and developer of MakeMeClear.
In 2014 he realized that treatment plan documents needed to be more professional and complete and also easier to understand by patients. But to create these plan documents he was wasting too much time. So he decided to make a software for his team to automate the process and easily create plan documents. Many colleagues got interested in it so he decided to make it available and created MakeMeClear that is now translated in 5 languages and used by dentists and dental teams around the world.
How to use MakeMeClear?
You will have simple videos where you will find instructions here