Information Notice – Patients

In order to make and export the dental plan provided to you by your dentist, the dentist uses MakeMeClear services.

MakeMeClear is a platform dedicated to specialists in dentistry and its main purpose is to offer the best solutions for developing a treatment plan based on the factual situation identified and established with the patient.

Within the platform, the entities that process your data are the Specialists as Data Controller and MakeMeClear Lda as Data Processor.

For personal data processed by the Specialists through the MakeMeClear platform, the Data Controller is the Specialist, Medical Clinic, Dental Technician (hereinafter generically referred to as ”Dental Specialists” or ”Specialists”), and our company is Data Processor in accordance with the express provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC.

The specialist who has an account opened on the MakeMeClear platform and processes patient personal data through the MakeMeClear platform, independently establishes the personal data that he will request from the patient, without the involvement of MakeMeClear in this process. Also, the Data Controller sets the data processing and storage period, in this case MakeMeClear offering strictly storage services for all the information processed by the Specialist and introduced in the MakeMeCLear platform.

If you contact the MakeMeClear team regarding your data processed by a Specialist, MakeMeClear will direct the request to the Data Controller. However, we recommend that you contact the Data Controller directly for any information related to the processing of your data.

MakeMeClear cannot be held responsible for the data processing performed by the Data Controller. It is the sole responsibility of the Data Controller to determine the purpose and the categories of personal data required. Also, any transfers of data, made by the Data Controller to third countries, unauthorized persons or other recipients are the sole responsibility of the Data Controller.

MakeMeClear provides data storage services for Specialists and support in the event of a malfunction of the platform. Thus, in order to fulfill the obligations assumed towards the data Controller, MakeMeClear may have a punctual and limited access in time to your personal data, strictly for solving the situation reported by Specialists.

Transfer of personal data tot Non-EU countries

MakeMeClear states that any data transfer, if necessary, is made in strict compliance with the relevant legislation, respectively with all the legal requirements provided by Regulation 2016/679.

Your personal data may be transferred to European Union (“EU”) countries and the European Economic Area (“EEA”).

Security measures for data processing

MakeMeClear is committed to constantly evaluating and updating the security measures implemented to ensure that they are adequate to protect the rights and freedoms of natural persons.

In this regard, MakeMeClear implements the latest technical solutions to maintain security at an appropriate level.

At the same time, MakeMeClear regularly conducts security audits, training and training sessions with staff who operate activities that may interact in any way with Personal Data.

The rights of data subjects

Please note that, in accordance with the provisions of Regulation 2016/679, you have the following rights at any time as a data subject:

In order to exercise any of the rights regarding the processing of personal data by MakeMeClear, or to file complaints regarding the data processing, please contact us at the following address: Espinho, 23rd Rua Street, number 334 3C, Postcode 4500-142, Portugal, or at the e-mail address

We also mention that from the moment of receiving the request, we will formulate a response within a maximum of 30 days. If there are reasonable suspicions about the person who sent the request, we can take steps to clarify and confirm that the request was submitted by the data subject.

In the event that you contact MakeMeClear and request information regarding your personal data that MakeMeClear processes the data as a Processor, your request will be directed to the Controller.

Considering that the dentist specialist decides the purpose and means of processing data from it`s patients, the Specialist has the obligation to inform all of his patients about how their data is processed (including information about the Processors, such as MakeMeClear).